How to Repurpose Your ‘Bookmarks’

By FPL_Staff

We've all found ourselves without a bookmark and made do with items close at hand. You know, like an empty gum wrapper or your latest credit card bill. Did you know that all those things you’re using as a bookmark have other uses?

We’ve divided your makeshift bookmarks into categories and offered some suggestions for additional uses for these items!


Monetary Items

Envelopes: Are your statements getting out of control? Maybe You Need a Budget, opens a new window

Paper Money: Put your cash to good use with The Motley Fool’s Personal Finance Workbook, opens a new window 

Sales Receipts: Are you keeping all your receipts for tax purposes? Try finding other deductions, opens a new window!


Travel Items

Plane/Bus/Subway tickets: If you choose to scrapbook them, I suppose they’d fall in the Craft Supplies category. While you decide if they’re worthy crafting supplies, enjoy A Train in Winter, opens a new window, a story about a group of women in Nazi-occupied France.

Post card: Enjoy some archives of old vintage postcards from all over the country, opens a new window! If you collect postcards, try scrapbooking, opens a new window them!


Craft Supplies

A comic strip: try your hand, opens a new window at Japanese Manga.

Fall leaves: Add them to a holiday craft, opens a new window

Guitar picks: use it to learn guitar, opens a new window

A piece of string: Learn Macrame, opens a new window 

Ribbon: Try ribbon crafts, opens a new window

Toothpick or Straw: if you’re using either of these as a bookmark, perhaps you’re silly enough to try these Mad Science Experiments, opens a new window 


Paper Items

Actual bookmark: Well, given that it’s being used for its intended purpose, I guess you can keep doing that.

Check-out slip from the library: Recycle it, opens a new window into origami!

Gum Wrapper: honestly, I think the best course of action is to just throw that away when it’s fulfilled it’s purpose.

Paper scraps: make papier mache, opens a new window!

A Post-It Note: Consider scribbling some notes for your own writing, opens a new window


Office Supplies

A Necktie: I gotta admit, I think the best use for a tie besides a bookmark is to wear it.

A business card: Check out for videos on designing your own, opens a new window business card! 

Hair ties: Try out some new hairstyles, opens a new window

Kleenex or toilet paper (clean!): Let these join the gum wrapper in the garbage when you’re finished.

Paper clip: Please don’t use paperclips for bookmarks; you might damage the book.

Pen: Learn to hand-write, opens a new window beautiful letters 

Pencil: Learn how to properly Sharpen a Pencil, opens a new window