How Well Do You Know The Office?


Think you know every episode forwards and backwards? Got the famous taglines down by heart? Test your knowledge with our wide-ranging quiz about The Office. 

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What county in Pennsylvania is Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch located?*
What does Michael pretend to fire Pam over in season one?*
What brand is Michael Scott wearing on the day he accidentally wears a woman's suit?*
In the episode "Fun Run", who are the three employees that go out to eat in the middle of the run?*
Karen Filipelli eventually becomes manager of what branch?*
Which of Angela's cats does Dwight freeze?*
At Jim and Pam's wedding in the "Niagara" episode, what was Kevin wearing on his feet?*
At the end of season nine, which European country does Nelly move to, or as she calls it, “the Scranton of the EU”?*
When Michael and Jan meet with the Lackawanna county administrator in “The Client” episode, where had Jan initially scheduled the meeting?*
What is the name of Kevin’s cover band?*
What is the exclusive club that Pam, Oscar, and Toby establish in the episode “Branch Wars”?*
Who convinces Dwight that he is being recruited by the CIA?*
What can Dwight Shrute supposedly raise and lower at his will?*
In Season 8, Gabe reveals he is splitting his time between Scranton and Tallahassee. Which days does he spend in Scranton?*
Holly Flax is originally from which midwestern state?*
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