Indoor Houseplants: Home Decor & Keeping Them Alive How-To

By FPL_Staff

Have you ever wanted to grow houseplants or tried growing houseplants but they wilted and died?  Maybe this has happened many times and you’ve simply given up trying to grow anything indoors. Well, don’t give up! There are many resources that can help you feel more confident about indoor gardening.  Take the plunge and become a proud plant parent today! 


Can houseplants improve my mood?  Author David Domoney thinks so as he draws on recent scientific research in his book, My House Plant Changed My Life: Green Well-being for the Great Indoors.  In it, he covers 50 houseplants and how they may improve mental well-being through their color, scent, habit, and nurturing needs.

My House Plant Changed My Life

What type of plant(s) should I pick? There’s a huge variety to choose from, so a little research goes a long way. Consider young children and furry friends before selecting. Read up on some common varieties with these books on houseplants:

The Complete Guide to Houseplants

The Unexpected Houseplant

I bought a houseplant! Now what?  Congrats on being a plant parent!  Read everything you can about the specific variety you bought.

The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual


My plant is doing great, so great that I now have 12 more! How can I arrange my indoor jungle?  This book can help you figure out how to fit your new plant family into overall home décor.

Indoor Plant Décor

Are there any good websites for houseplant care? has a great collection of articles, blog posts, and photos to browse. Created by an engineer turned houseplant lover, this site offers questions and answer sections for common plant issues.