Learn Programming with Kits

Photo credit: https://www.birdbraintechnologies.com/products/finch-robot-2-0/

By FPL_Adam

If you are looking to learn one of the two most popular computer programming languages, the Frisco Public Library has options for both the absolute beginner and those with lots of experience.

One fun and unique option to learn Python or JavaScript is by checking out the Finch Robot Maker Kit, opens a new window from the library. This kit has a robot and support material to help you learn both computer programming concepts as well as either JavaScript or Python.

JavaScript/Python: Finch Robot, opens a new window

The Finch Robot 2.0 that comes in the kit is powered by a Microbit microcontroller that you can program using a variety of computer languages or with a graphical interface option that does not require any previous computer programming knowledge. You can use any of a variety of devices to program the robot including Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire/Fire OS, and Linux devices.

Looking for a more traditional class to pick up skills?

Beginners might want to check out the beginner perfect six-week classes available on the Gale Courses platform that are free with your Frisco Public Library card:

Individuals with more experience may want to explore the on-demand video courses available on LinkedIn Learning, opens a new window or one of the many classes on the Gale Presents Udemy, opens a new window platform. Both platforms are free to access with your Frisco Public Library card.