Mountain Biking in Frisco

By FPL_AdamL

Have you explored the many AMAZING mountain biking trails in our area? If not, it is time to strap on your helmet and get ready for all the thrills and scenery our local trails have to offer. The local community of riders are pretty friendly and welcoming. You might just make some new connections!

A good place to both discover new trails and the status of the trail (the trails will close when trail conditions are not right for riding) is the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association’s website:, opens a new window

On the DORBA website you will find maps, difficulty ratings, pictures, and more. Those difficulty ratings typically show up as icons that are not always labeled. Below you will find the difficulty icons explained.

Once you have been riding a while, you will eventually need to make some adjustments and repairs to your bike after all those miles. There are plenty of excellent bike shops in the area that help you out. If you are ready to try a few of those repairs yourself, there are a few resources that are excellent at walking you through what to do step by step for the simple routine maintenance and the difficult jobs too.

Park Tool Company YouTube Channel, opens a new window
This is a trusted brand for bike tools and gear. The videos are easy to follow and particularly thorough.

GCN Tech’s Maintenance Videos, opens a new window
They have videos for just about every kind of bike and lots of repairs from the simple water bottle cage install to the more difficult tasks like truing your wheels.

RJ The Bike Guy, opens a new window
RJ particularly excels at vintage bike repair. So if you are tuning up an older bike and keeping it stylishly old school then you may benefit from the advice of RJ.

The City of Frisco website, opens a new window even has a page on the cycling in the city (and staying safe) including the local cycling clubs like the Shawnee Trail Cycling Club.

The library also offers lots from digital magazines, opens a new window for cyclists to books, opens a new window and more.

Bicycling, opens a new window

Bicycle Repair Manual, opens a new window

Mountain Biking Skills, opens a new window