Mr. Sun’s Top 5 Activities for Fun in the Sun

Check out Mr. Sun's top 5 activities for fun in the sun! These are simple, kid-friendly activities you can do with items you have at home.

  1. Make Sun Pictures*:

Do this art project early in the day because it needs to sit in the sun.

Have your little one place a piece of colored construction paper out in the sun and place various objects you have at home (blocks, cookie cutters, kid scissors, a small toy) on top of the paper.  Leave the paper and the objects on top out in the sun all day.  At the end of the day, have your child remove the objects from the paper and you’ll find prints of the objects on the construction paper!

Ask your child why they think the prints of the objects were left on the paper.  Could it be that the heat of the sun bleached the color in the paper and the objects protected those spots on the paper from the heat? Is that why prints of the objects were left?

Do the experiment again using a white piece of construction paper.  Do you get the same result?

  1. Sunshine Clay*:

Mix:  1 cup of flour, ½ cup of salt, and ½ cup of water

Have your child help you knead the ingredients together then use cookie cutters to cut out designs in the dough.  If you don’t have cookie cutters, you can use the lid from a jar or the bottom of a can to make cut outs.  Put your shapes out in the sun to dry.  Once they’re dry, have your little one paint them.

  1. Make Raisins*:

If you have grapes at home, wash them and have your kiddo help you count out the number you want to become raisins – what a fun and yummy way to get the Math in STEM into your day!  Place the grapes on top of a paper towel and put that on top of a plate.  Place the plate in the sun.  Check on them daily until they turn into raisins.

*Activities 1-3 are from The Early Childhood Academy --

  1. Walk or Play Catch:

Take a walk with your child or practice throwing and catching a ball together.  Both activities will build their gross motor and fine motor skills as well as their eye-hand coordination.  Your little one will be exercising their large (legs) and small (hands) muscles while having fun and spending time with you!

  1. Read Together -- Here are some fun reads Mr. Sun enjoys: