QUIZ: Naruto Shippuden

By FPL_Lauren

On December 17, there is going to be a big announcement for Naruto fans. Take this quiz to help get excited for the big news! BELIEVE IT!

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Which member of the Akatsuki was killed by their grandmother?*
Growing up, Sai did not name his artwork. What was the first image he drew that he gave a name?*
Which Akatsuki members were once students of Jiraiya?*
Who gives Kakashi his Sharingan?*
What chakra nature is Naruto?*
Who has the original curse mark?*
Who removes Sasuke’s curse mark?*
What is the name of Itachi’s black flame dōjutsu?*
Who is not a member of Team Hebi/Taka?*
How many inner gates is Might Guy able to open?*
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