Ready, Set, Garden!

By FPL_Sheri

Prime growing season is here for Frisco! The Collin County Master Gardener’s Spring Plant Sale, opens a new window is Saturday, April 16, 2022, and the Denton County Master Gardener Sale is Saturday, April 23, 2022. These sales are a great way to pick up some plants that thrive in our area and to ask questions from experienced local gardeners.

Choosing plants that do well in this area will make your garden much more enjoyable. Keeping your plants alive through the heat of summer is challenging, but doable. Planting them early enough that they establish a good root system before the heat arrives and adding a good layer of organic mulch makes a world of difference. Check out these planting guides and book lists for ideas of what to plant and when.

Flowers & Scents, opens a new window

The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Planting Calendar, opens a new window  

Time to Hit the Dirt , opens a new window
Vegetable Gardening, opens a new window

Once you know what type of plants you want to work with, it is a good idea to make a garden plan. It can be a simple drawing or a detailed blueprint, and helps you organize plants by size, color, sunlight and watering needs, and even keeping apart plants that do not do well together. Now is the time to consider how much time you want to spend in the garden as watering, fertilizing, pest maintenance, weeding and harvesting do require an investment of regular time. The plan is also helpful when plants are early in their development, for you to remember what is planted where.

Best of luck with your gardening adventure this year! Here is a list of go to gardening supplies.

  • Fertilizer 
  • Frost cloth
  • Garden gloves
  • Garden snips   
  • Mulch
  • Prepared soil – more than dirt, this is loose and filled with organic materials 
  • Seeds or young plants  
  • Shovel or hand trowel
  • Watering can/water hose
  • Wheelbarrow/garden cart