Science Showdown: Bat Chat

By FPL_Ashley

Have you watched the Bat Discovery episode of Science Showdown? Check out some of these great resources that will help you learn even more about bats! Then, take the quiz to see if you have what it takes to become a chiropterologist, like our bat expert in the show!

How Do I Compare? Take a look at this PDF to learn about the similarities and differences between bats and humans!

The Value of Bats! Check out this resource to find out more about the impact’s bats have on our communities.

Beeps, Chirps, and Blasts! Want to learn about how bats communicate and navigate? This is the link for you!

Habitat for Bats! Which bats live near you? Find out by learning more about bat habitats across the United States.

    1. How many times does a little brown bat beat its wings in one minute?

A. 720 times

B. 60 times

C. 4,137 times

D. 12 times

2. How many total fingers does a bat have?

A. 5 fingers

B. 8 fingers

C. 4 fingers

D. No fingers

3. Which of these is the way(s) that mother bats recognize their pups?

A. Unique call

B. Scent

C. None of the above

D. All of the above

4. Which of the following do bats not usually eat?

A. Mosquitos

B. Crickets

C. Cheese

D. Moths

5. What is the part of the bat found at the base of each ear that provides better sound definition?

A. Tragus

B. Earlobe

C. Neck

D. Collagen

6. Which species of bat likes to live in a deciduous forest habitat?

A. Silver Haired Bat

B. Red Bat

C. Little Brown Bat

D. All of the above

Congratulations! You made it all the way to the end of the quiz! Wondering which answers were correct?

1) A  2) B  3) D  4) C  5) A  6) D