Setting Your 2023 Reading Goals

By FPLFriends_Susan

December often leads me to wonder what will next year hold. This is a season of personal reflection, and consideration for things I will do differently (more fruit, less soda), how I could be a better human (volunteering anyone?), and what habits could improve my level of life satisfaction (more books and less scrolling). The last few years I have included a reading goal in my annual “resolutions.”

Perhaps you only read a book or two, or three, a year, but want to increase that to six, or even 24! How can you find more time to read? I have a few suggestions! If your goal is reading every day or increasing your book count, you must prepare yourself so that you can be successful.

- Read in the fringes; read before an appointment, while your water is coming to a boil for dinner, or while you’re waiting in the carpool lane.

- STOP scrolling and start reading. Mindless social media and news scrolling consumes unbelievable amounts of time. Move  those apps off your home screen and download a book through the Libby App, opens a new window.

- Listen to audiobooks when you’re going from here to there, or while you are cleaning house or exercising. Audiobooks are also available through the Libby App. There are thousands of titles through our library available to all patrons.

Perhaps you read every day and you know that you go through stacks and stacks of books. Good for you! Would you like to keep track of all of your progress in 2023?

- Use a book log like this one, opens a new window.

- Find a cute notebook or journal and just start a list. I like to add a star rating next to my book titles.

- Join the Goodreads website and app, opens a new window. You can make a reading goal for the year, make a list of books you want to read, and make a list of books you’ve read.

Many people think that a reading habit is expensive and it certainly can, but doesn’t have to be. Utilize the greatest resource, the library. When the new location opens in February it will be even more amazing to be a patron.

- The library is full of an unfathomable variety of physical books but they also have digital titles and audio versions for you to borrow too.

- Another option would be to buy used books at the Friends of the Frisco Public Library Bookshop that will be located on the ground floor of the new library.

- Read with friends and pass the books through your friend group. In your friend or neighbor group of 6 you can each buy one title (new or used) and start passing them around. It’s a win/win for all involved.

Best of luck with your 2023 personal reading goal. If you have a unique tracking system or reading challenge please share in the comments!