Support for Children with Autism

By FPL_Yvette

April is Autism Awareness Month. This April has also shaken up the routines of families. We've gathered up some helpful articles and resources to support children with autism during these changing times.

UNC School of Education, & UNC FPG Autism Team put together not just one resource, but an entire tool kit for supporting individuals with Autism. The kit covers calming skills, adjusting routines, fostering connections, and so much more.

Have a quick listen to NPR's Ashley Westerman as she discovers how to help communicate this situation to someone with an intellectual disability.

In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month, the Apple team has compiled a list of apps. The list includes apps that develop life skills, communication, and some that are Apple Watch compatible.

National Geographic put out a family article with at-home tools for parents of autistic children.  

A social story is a great way to explain new concepts. Amanda McGuinness the Autism Educator created a printable one.