Tiger King…But For Kids

By FPL_LaurenH

Did you binge watch Tiger King like the rest of North America?  Are you now obsessed with tigers and want to share them with your kids?  Here are some kid friendly big cat live streams, activities, and books you can share with your feline loving family members. 

1. Google 3D Animals

Last year Google launched augmented reality (AR) objects to its search function. This means you can virtually place a life size big cat in your living room! Search for tigers, lions, or cheetahs on your smart phone.

2. Tiger Live Streams

Take a peep at what your tiger pals are doing over at Big Cat Rescue in Florida, the San Diego Zoo in California, and the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland.

3. Tiger Paper Doll

Build your own big cat park by creating these tiger paper dolls.

4. Read! Read! Read!

Check out some of our big cat eBooks.

Tiger King... but for Kids

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