To Carve or Not to Carve, That is the Question!

By FPL_Suzanne

Is carving the only way to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween with all the mess that entails?  No!  Here are some other ways you can get your Halloween on and include the whole family in the fun:

“Glitterize” your pumpkin!  Paint your pumpkin (small one or large one) with modge podge or glue.  While the glue is still wet, sprinkle on your favorite color (or colors) of glitter.  Don’t forget to put a garbage bag or newspaper under the pumpkin to catch the excess glitter.  Once the glue is dry, gently shake your pumpkin to remove any specks of glitter that didn’t stick.

Learn more at HGTV

Spray paint your pumpkin using black spray paint.  Let it dry.  Once the paint is dry, take pieces of the white or orange tape and place on the pumpkin to make a spider web or two.   

Full instructions at Rust-oleum

Craft foam pieces can be cut out to make face shapes (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair).  Glue these on to make a silly or a scary pumpkin, or both!

More ideas at Teaching Special Thinkers

Crayons!  Remove the paper wrapping from broken crayon pieces then glue the pieces to the top of the pumpkin.  Let the glue dry.  Use the  blow dryer on low setting and watch the crayons melt and drip down the pumpkin.  Don’t forget to put a trash bag, newspaper, or something under the pumpkin to catch any of the crayon drips.

Instructions at Mom Spark

These decorating options are great for the whole family and are guaranteed to liven up your fall and Halloween!