By FPL_Suzanne

When it’s time to sit down and do math homework with your child, do they try to procrastinate or put up a fuss? If so, give TumbleMath a try. This is a free online learning resource for kindergartners to 5th graders available on the Frisco Public Library website.

TumbleMath makes learning about concepts such as counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and graphing (to name a few) fun by using narrated picture books and stories. Your child can read along with the narrator while enjoying the illustrations in the story. Who knew Adding with Sebastian Pig and Friends at the Circus could teach your child about addition or Fair is Fair! will help your student learn about bar graphs, budgeting, and saving? Math can be fun!

Parents and teachers can access lesson plans on the site that go along with the math concept and the book. The TumbleMath Quiz Portal is a great way to check your child’s progress. Your child can take the full quiz or a quick quiz of only five questions about the topic. You can even print the quiz out for your student to work on offline and as a supplement to whatever math work is sent home from school.

TumbleMath is your solution to your math problem!