2023 Friends’ Reading Challenge – May Genre

By FPLFriend_Susan

How are you doing on the 2023 Friends’ Reading Challenge? If you don’t already know, The Friends of the Frisco Public Library are sponsoring a year-long reading challenge. Each month we will guide you to a specific genre. Once you’ve read a book from that genre you can visit The Friends’ Bookshop to enter for the month. One entrant will win a $5 Book Buck Gift Card that can be used in the Friends’ Bookshop. Read a library book, a book you’ve purchased from the Bookshop, or one from home. Just come in and tell us what you’ve read on the entry form and that’s it.

The genre for May is Biography. This can be a story about someone living or dead, it can be an autobiography, or even a fiction book based on a real person. The Frisco Library and the Bookshop have plenty of biography books for you to choose from no matter what your age or interested. Look below to see some suggested titles that can be found in the Bookshop or on the Library shelves.

Stop by the Bookshop soon to tell us what you read and enter to win this fun prize.

Bookshop Suggestions:

Library Suggestions:

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Playing at the Border

Alexander Hamilton

Isn't Her Grace Amazing!