Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz

Do you know all four elements, inside and out? Could you be a member of Team Avatar? Do you think you’ve mastered Avatar: The Last Airbender? Take our quiz to find out…

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Iroh is a member of which secret society?*
Which air temple is Momo discovered at?*
What creature taught Toph how to earthbend?*
What is the traditional age for the Avatar to be informed that they are the Avatar? At what age was Aang told he was the Avatar?*
What city does King Bumi reign over?*
Who is NOT one of Azula's best friends?*
Who is NOT a member of the Freedom Fighters?*
What is the name of the waterbend that eventually trains Katara?*
Are the plant benders of the Foggy Bottom Swamp considered...*
When Sokka trains with Piandao in the art of swordfighting, Sokka makes a sword out of what material?*
Gyatso was Aang's guardian, but also friends with which preceding Avatar?*
Long Feng is the leader of which elite military unit?*
How did Zuko get the scar on his face?*
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