Bubble Play

By FPL_Julie

Need to add some joy to your day? Blowing bubbles with your baby is a magical way to have fun while helping them develop lots of important early literacy skills. Besides bonding time with you, they gain:

  • Visual skills - eye tracking and focus watching the bubbles move in the air
  • Gross motor skills - lifting and turning the head to watch the bubbles, and moving or crawling toward them
  • Hand/Eye coordination – reaching up and out to swat the bubbles
  • Fine motor skills – popping bubbles and gripping the bubble wand
  • Oral skills - blowing bubbles through the wand helps build muscles in the jaw and mouth
  • Spatial awareness -looking up, over, behind, around, and next to objects as bubbles float by

While you relax and play, your baby develops skills they need to learn, talk, read, and write! Bonus points for parents! Try using bubbles with your young baby during tummy time or while holding them in your lap. Older babies will love sitting up and crawling while you blow bubbles. Let them also try to blow through the wand.

Check out these recipes for homemade bubbles and ideas for DIY wands.