Check Out Our Extensive Large Print Collection

By FPL_Staff

Did you know that your library has a large print collection for those who may have difficulty reading smaller text? We have over 1,000 large print books available for checkout. Our collection covers many genres including mystery, romance, thrillers, light reads, and more.

Here are a few titles from our large print collection available for checkout:

Walk the Wire

If you like gritty, fast-paced crime books surrounding murder and corruption this book is for you.
Summary: Two FBI agents are called to a small fracking town in North Dakota to investigate a series of murders


If you like historical fiction with a high stakes romance, this book is for you.
Summary: Set during WWII, Princess Charlotte assumes an alias and enjoys the freedoms of a normal life until an ill-fated romance with her guardian’s son leads to tragedy.

28 Summers

If you like modern day romances set in faraway places, this book is for you.
Summary: The novel follows the secret yearly love affair between Jake, a charity spokesperson, and Mallory, a teacher. Every summer they meet at Mallory’s Nantucket home, but a change in Jake’s life threatens to upend their annual reunion.

The Bomber Boys

If you like reading real life accounts of historical events, this book is for you.
Summary: This is a collection of previously untold personal accounts of combat and camaraderie aboard the B-17 bombers that flew above Nazi-occupied Europe during WWII.

Are you a Frisco resident looking for even more large print titles? You can turn any book into large print with our eBook collection. Libby, by OverDrive allows you to change the font size and type on all eBook titles. With more than 22,000 adult titles in our eBook collection there’s something for every type of reader.
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