Come to Your Own Conclusions with Gale

By FPL_Staff

Ahhh, just a normal day on Instagram. The endless scroll of pictures of friends and family, memes, and food is quite relaxing. It’s nice feeling connected to the world around you.

Oh? What’s this?

A friend of yours has posted an infographic about a controversial issue. The comments section is blowing up and you see your friends fighting across several comment threads. You aren’t quite sure of which side to support, and you aren’t even sure whether the original post accurately reflected the issue. With all this social media noise, you feel like you can’t form an educated and nuanced opinion on this matter. Where should you even begin to research this issue in a matter-of-fact way?

Thankfully, the Frisco Public Library offers an important resource for helping navigate the muddy waters of modern discourse: Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints., opens a new window This important resource can be found in our Digital Library, opens a new window and you can browse resources for 481 of the hottest issues such as freedom of speech, artificial intelligence, and international relations with your Frisco Public Library card. When browsing a topic, you can find opinion editorials for both sides of an issue, news items and peer reviewed journal articles about the issue, and other resources such as audio clips and infographics. Gale also provides other databases in our Digital Library, and they are also worth checking out if you want to research an issue deeper.

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints gives library guests the unique opportunity to research some of the most controversial and pressing topics without relying on the fraught waters of social media. With the resources that this database provides, you can educate yourself and come to your own conclusions through your research. Together, we can make sure that our opinions are well researched and have healthier discussions both online and in person!