Comes In Like a Lion

By FPL_Suzanne

Ah, it’s March! The month of spring break, surprise weather events, and being outdoors. Even though the beginning of the month may have some unpredictable weather in store for us, we begin to leave the indoors and go outside for our family entertainment.

If you’re staying in town and not traveling for spring break, here are some free, fun outdoor activities you can do as a family weather permitting:

Take a Walk and turn it into...

  • A Game of I Spy – Use the first letters of your kiddos’ names and ask them to find things on the walk that begin with that letter, have them find something of a certain color, or something big
  • A Scavenger Hunt – Write out a list of things to find on your walk and add pictures of the things to the list for your non-readers
  • A Bug Hunt – Take a magnifying glass on the walk and look at ants, spiders, and other bugs you find

 Play Lawn Games by trying out some of these homemade ones...

  • Balloon Tennis
  • Chalk Games, e.g., Hopscotch
  • Obstacle Course

Click DIY Outdoor Games for Kids, opens a new window to see how to set up these games in your yard and for more lawn game suggestions. 

If the weather does not cooperate and you don’t feel like being outside and jumping in puddles, there is always something going on at Frisco Public Library, just click here: Frisco Library., opens a new window

Enjoy spending time together!