DIY Bunny Napkin Rings

By FPL_Adam

Looking for a quick weekend project? Is your family gearing up for an awesome day of egg hunts soon? Try making these bunny shaped napkin rings. In the process you will discover how easy and fun it is to work with a CNC mill at the Frisco Public Library. The CNC mill takes a digital design and then the machine guides a cutting bit over and around your wood to cut out the design you create on the computer. This is a low effort to high wow factor project using a CNC mill.

What you'll need:

Time:  Approximately 1.5 hours

Step One

Once you have created your account in Easel, copy over this design (or create your own) using this link: Bunny Napkin Rings, opens a new window.

Step Two

Come to the library with your wood and login information to your Easel account.

Step Three

Our staff will show you how to set up the CNC mill with your digital design. Be sure to ask for the 1/8 straight mill bit. This is a workhorse of a cutting bit and will keep the cutting time to a minimum!

Step Four

Watch the machine do the work. It will take about an hour to complete the cuts. Then all you have left to do is cut the little tabs left behind and sand it down to your preference.