Exploring Texas State Parks

By FPL_Libby

With the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and explore some of Texas’s natural beauty! Not sure where to start? There is no better place than one of Texas’s amazing state parks. 

What Is a State Park? 

What's the difference between our local public parks and state parks? In Frisco, our local parks are run by the amazing Frisco Parks and Recreation Department. State parks are run by the Texas Parks and Wildlife department. Texas has 89 state parks and thousands of public parks, but it’s also home to 2 national parks, Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains. These are maintained and funded by the U.S. government, specifically by the Department of the Interior. Most State Parks have a $7 entry fee for adults, but children under 12 can get in free! Texas Parks and Wildlife also offers an annual pass for $70 that includes admission to all 89 parks. 

What Can You Do at a State Park?

These parks are full of fun for kids and adults! Each park is a little different depending on the location, but most parks have trails for hiking, biking, and horse riding, fishing and swimming spots, and cabin or camping rentals. Some parks, like the nearby Ray Roberts Lake, have marinas where you can rent boats. Others have historic landmarks, like Dinosaur State Park, which is home to the first sauropod trackway ever discovered! Check out the link below to discover some of the history being preserved in our state parks. Texas Parks & Wildlife: History & Culture, opens a new window

Most state parks also have programs and events just like libraries! These events are run by the park rangers and can be a great way to learn more about the park from the experts.

Image via Dinosaur Valley State Park, opens a new window

State Parks Near Us 

Check out this interactive map to see the location of all 89 state parks in Texas: Texas Sate Parks Interactive Map, opens a new window

There are 10 parks in the DFW area. Cedar Hills and Ray Roberts are both less than an hour away from the library!  

If you are ready to check out one of the amazing Texas State Parks, the link below has everything you need to start planning your visit. 

Texas State Parks for Beginners, opens a new window