The Only Two Things You Need at the State Fair

By FPL_Staff

“Howdy, folks!” Have you seen Big Tex lately? Ah, you’re planning your visit? Great! So you know you’ll get a picture with Tex, maybe see the Midway Barker, visit the petting zoo, ride some coasters, listen to country music and do some shopping. But if you do nothing else, these are the only two things you truly need:

The Gourmet Cinnamon Sugar Apple Pie Funnel Cake is required

No, really. It's exquisite. Currently at 14 tickets, it’s a bit of an investment. But imagine with me: They fry up a funnel cake, sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Then your server will take a frozen orb of ice cream out of the freezer, place it in the center of the swirls of fried batter, and pour steaming hot cinnamon sugar-coated apple pie filling all over the ice cream and funnel cake. Five dollops of whip cream crown this delectable dessert.

Make sure each bite has a little whip cream, a little ice cream, a little apple, and some funnel cake. Totally savor-worthy, but you might want to split it; it’s ginormous!

You must try the Bubble Maze

This fun house located in an offshoot of the Midway is a blast. This years entry price is six tickets. Now I won’t divulge the challenges inside, but I will spoil the reward for succeeding: bubbles. I’m not talking round pop-able floaty iridescent bubbles. I’m talking cartoon-worthy-we-put-too-much-detergent-in-the-washing-machine-and-it-overflowed bubbles. In a hallway. For your enjoyment. You might get a little sudsy, but it is so much fun! And if you’re there at certain times, they will even rain bubbles down on you as you exit!

Your inner child will thank me.

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