Friendship Butterfly

By FPL_Adam

One of my favorite machines to use at the Frisco Public Library is the CNC Mill. This is a machine that uses a milling bit (looks similar to a drill bit) connected to a computer that guides the cutting and engraving action of the bit. The library has one of the easiest CNC mills to use and is perfect for the absolute novice. It allows you to shape and engrave flat pieces of woods and plastics by creating designs in the novice friendly Easel software, opens a new window (free and web-based).

Here is a project that can be completed in an afternoon. You’ll want to budget about 30 to 45 minutes at the library to cut the design. (It only takes five minutes to do the actual cutting, but you’ll want some time to get the machine set up and to clean up afterwards). Allow a little time to do some fine detail work such as sanding.


  • Walnut plywood (or some other naturally dark or stained wood)
    5 inches by 6 inches  (max of 7in by 10in)
    1/8 inch thick
  • Birch plywood (or some other light colored wood)
    5 inches by 6 inches (max of 7in by 10in)
    1/8 inch thick
  • Yarn or another necklace material

Project Design:

  • Click to find the design in Easel: Butterfly Friendship Design, opens a new window
  • The link above will open up the design in Easel. (You'll want to create your own account and copy the link.) Once you have a copy, you make changes to both the design and the type/size of material that matches your material dimensions.

Once you have your wood materials, bring them to the library along with your Easel login information and check in with staff. You’ll need to log in to Easel in order to operate the CNC mill. Our staff will help you get started and learn the basic operations of the machine.