Got the First Day Jitters?

By FPL_Kayla

Whether it's going to school for the first time, transitioning from one grade to the next, or attending a new school in a new place, heading to school after summer vacation can be tough.

Help your student beat the First Day Jitters with these fantastic books and activities.

Pirates Don't Go to Kindergarten!, opens a new window

Leaving preschool can be tough, especially when leaving a beloved teacher.  See if your school has a meet and greet, where your student can meet their new teacher before school starts.  Have your child come up with some questions to ask their new teacher.  Questions like “What’s their favorite color?” or “Do they have a pet?” are a great way for kids to feel more comfortable with this new person.  Encourage them to come up with some things they want their teacher to know about them!

Back to School, Splat!, opens a new window

Have your child draw a picture or write about some of their favorite things they did over the summer.

Llama Llama Misses Mama, opens a new window

Work with your child to create a before school routine.  What were some things Llama Llama did to get ready for school?  As part of your before school routine, come up with a special goodbye.  Having a goodbye ritual like a secret handshake, or a goodbye phrase is a great way to start your child’s school day on a positive note.  Read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn for a classic example of a goodbye ritual.

Your Name Is A Song, opens a new window

Some children may find that upon entering school, where someone other than family or friends is calling them by name, that their name is mispronounced by teachers or other students.  Correcting these adults or peers may be hard or intimidating.  This book is a great story about the importance of names.  Talk with your child about their name, where it comes from, what it means, or why it is a special name to you or your culture.  Writing their name is also a great skill to practice for kindergarten readiness.

I Got the School Spirit, opens a new window

Ask your child about the sounds they associate with school.  What sounds do they like?  If they haven’t been to school yet, talk about what sounds they might hear on their first day.  For students who may become overwhelmed by sounds, talk about what things they can do when the sounds at school become too much.

This School Year Will Be the Best!

Have your child write down their wish for the new school year.