I Can Write My Name!


This is something our preschoolers cannot wait to accomplish!  How do we get them there?  Here are a few every-day activities you can do at home that will help your little one exercise and strengthen their hand and finger muscles.  Besides being fun, they are a great way to take a break from your busy day and connect with each other.  Older kiddos can join in too!

  • Make the most out of your tickle time with your baby by “tummy writing.” Write uppercase letters on baby’s tummy while saying the name of each letter.
  • Yogurt as paint? Yes!  Help your little one use their fingers to paint with some colored yogurt on a plate.  It’s yummy and fun for them, and the clean up will be no problem! ?  Water-based paints can be used on paper for older kiddos.  
  • Laying on the grass in the backyard or taking a break from walking in the park is a fun way to explore what’s up in the sky. It can also be a good time to introduce “sky writing” to your children.  Have them lie on their back and try to write letters or draw shapes in the sky using their pointer fingers.
  • Who doesn’t like to play with playdough? Did you know your child can learn to use children’s scissors by cutting playdough?  Have them roll playdough into a snake shape then cut it into pieces.  Pretend to make bread together by rolling and pounding playdough. ?