How To Check Out eBooks with a Kindle

By FPL_John

Kindle black and white devices are a great way to read eBooks. I have had a Paperwhite for several years and it’s far and away my favorite way to read a novel. I love it because the screen is e-ink, not an led screen so it’s easy on the eyes. It’s also easy to use outdoors, the screen doesn’t get washed out by the sun. Finally, it’s only a book reader. That sounds limiting, but to me it’s great that it never pings me with alerts and I’m never temped to check email, or surf the web. I can just immerse myself in a good book.

So hopefully now you’re asking yourself, “How can I get library books on my kindle?!” No problem, just keep reading!

Because Paperwhite’s and Oasis’ can’t use apps, the process is a little different from other devices. Basically, you checkout the book on our website, then you get transferred to the Amazon website to actually download the book. But don’t worry, it’s easy.

1. First, find the eBook you want in our catalog at and click on Checkout Now.

2. Then click on Checkout Now. (Don’t try and select Kindle – it's not time yet)

3. Then click Download.

4. Next select “Kindle” and click on “Checkout Now”

5. Then click on “Download Kindle”.

6. At this point you will be re-directed to where you will sign in.

7. Finally, you will click on “Get Library Book” from the Amazon website. Make sure to have it deliver to the device you want to read it on. If you have multiple devices there will be more than one choice.

And that’s it! The book will be sent to your Kindle. If you don’t see it in a minute or two,  you may have to tell your Kindle to sync.