How to Create Your Own Genealogy Book

By FPL_RachaelN

When I first started researching my family history, the library had just begun providing printing services through the Trail Blazer Press. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to take all the information, documents, and photos I was collecting and design my own genealogy book. Not only is this a great way to keep all my information organized, I’ll eventually be able to provide a printed copy to my family. Understandably, genealogy is always a work in progress, and I have already gone through several proof copies because I find new information to add.

When creating my genealogy book template, I began with myself and then my parents, dividing it into two sections with one section being my mother’s family and the other being my father’s family. I also included any photos and documents I had and contacted family members for information and items they had.  In addition to asking family members for information, I also used Ancestry and Family Search to further research our family and found more photos and documents to include from those websites. (Fun fact, both websites are available at the library to use for free.)

Having a passion for family history and genealogical research, I wanted to provide others with the opportunity to create their own genealogy book. Below you’ll find useful resources to start your own family research, including the Book Block Template I designed, with notes to help you customize your own family history book, and the Cover Sheet Template I used to design my book cover. Get started recording your family history today.

Family History Genealogy Book Block Template, opens a new window 

Cover Sheet Template, opens a new window (Large Textbook 7" x 10")

Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating a Cover Sheet in MS Word, opens a new window

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