I Want BOOKS! – A How-to Guide for Frisco Public Library

By FPL_Staff

As many of you – our valued guests – have noticed, there have been quite a few changes lately to your library experience. We would like to offer this how-to guide for a stress-free visit.

Curbside VS Drive Thru

How it works - Curbside:

  • Park in one of 3 curbside spots
  • Call or text the phone number for your designated spot: Each of the 3 curbside lanes have their own unique number that calls your very own curbside concierge that will deliver your holds and pickup returns
  • Open your trunk: a staff member will bring your holds to your car and place them in your trunk for a contact-less experience
  • If you have returns, place them in your trunk: A staff member will pick up your returns when they drop off your hold items.

Tips for a speedy experience:

  • If all three curbside spots are taken, please wait until one becomes available
  • Call the phone number assigned to your designated curbside spot
  • Have your card number ready
  • In an effort to remain socially distant and stay safe, please remain in your car until your items have been delivered
  • If you are returning more than 10 items, please use our drive thru. There is a return slot as well as a drive thru window to pick up holds.

How it works – Drive Thru:

  • Pull up to the window
  • Press the white button on the window to notify staff of your arrival
  • Have your library card or drivers license ready
  • Library staff will checkout your items and pass them through the window
  • If you have returns, simply drop them in the return slots just past the drive thru window
    • If you’re returning maker kits, please notify staff at the drive thru

Alternative Options for 2nd floor Material

New Books from 2nd Floor in the Teen Room

Want to browse kids books? We now have new picture books, new chapter books and new non-fiction for kids located in the Teen room on the 1st floor for you to browse!

Grab and Go Bags

Don’t have time to browse the catalog or have no idea what the kiddos want to read? No problem! We have Grab and Go bags from the 2nd floor pre-made by our children’s librarians for your convenience!

These bags are to be a surprise for your little ones, which means no peeking until you get home. ?

Each bag is filled with 5 books and are labeled with the grade level and a short description. Once you select your bag(s), simply lay the bag on the black pad at the checkout station and you’re ready to go!

Quick Kids

Have some books already in mind while the 2nd floor is closed? We have you covered there too! Our librarians are happy to assist you in bringing your books down from the 2nd floor.

Simply approach the librarians at the Ask Us desk on the first floor and let them know what you’re looking for (or specific subject matter). We will notify our staff on the 2nd floor and they will bring them to the Quick Kids shelving on the first floor.

This process can take about 10-15 minutes on average.

The Return Process

There is currently a delay in book check-ins. All returned items will be quarantined for 4 days before they are checked in. Therefore, they may still show as checked out on your account for up to 6 days. Any items that go into an overdue status, will not affect your ability to checkout more items. We appreciate your understanding as items remain on your account longer than usual to ensure the safety of guests and staff.