I Wish I’d Learned That in School

By FPL_Staff

Now that school is back in session, this is a great time to teach your kiddos some of those things that you wished you’d learned in school. Here are 10 helpful “adulting” skills to work on with your teen or tween.

  1. Sew a Button
  2. Change a Tire
  3. How to Use Jumper Cables
  4. Do a Load of Laundry
  5. Iron an Article of Clothing
  6. Address a Letter
  7. Write a Check
  8. Cook a Meal - To make it really simple, here are some easy microwave meals.
  9. Fill Out New Patient Forms - Here is an example of a general new patient information form. Help your child answer these questions, then keep it in a safe place for future reference.
  10. What To Do If Your Purse or Wallet Gets Stolen