Investing for Beginners Class

By FPL_Adam

Not sure about investing? Not crazy about the idea of hiring a financial advisor to take care of it all for you? It sounds like you are looking for a good solid class on investing to get your feet under you.

The great news is that the library offers an online class by Certified Financial Planner Matt Crabtree that will walk you through the fundamentals of investing. The course will teach you about the stock markets, 401k plans, and retirement. This class will also address personal financial issues that are often ignored but are essential to your success as an investor.

The class will be offered online. All you need is a Frisco Public Library Card to sign up using the link below.  The online class will take a deep dive into investing over the course of six weeks with plenty of opportunities to ask questions of the presenter.

Not ready just yet? The course will be repeated each month, so you can always sign up for a future start time!

Enroll in the Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!, opens a new window class here:

Session Start Dates:

  • January 13
  • February 10
  • March 17
  • April 14

Ask our library staff about other investment learning tools including access to Morningstar, Value Line, and other powerful online options that provide additional guidance and classes on investment.

Additional online and on-demand classes for beginners are also available that are shorter in duration like:

Financial Basics Everyone Should Know

This on-demand video class covers the topics of stocks, mutual funds, certificate of deposits, insurance, 401k, IRAs, and more. Enroll for this class with your Frisco Public Library Card here: