Job Seeker Tips and Tools

By FPL_Sheri

Searching for a new job, where you will spend a large portion of your time, deserves a professional and well planned approach. The great news is that developing a strategic plan helps you prioritize your goals and focus your efforts on the results you want.

The beginning of your search is a good time to evaluate what your end goals are, such as what you want your income to be, what kind of environment you want to work in, and reviewing if your skill set matches what employers are looking for in your chosen field.

As you plan, be sure to research resources from the following entities:

Professional organizations for your career field

Your alma mater’s career center

Chambers of commerce from places you want to work

We want to help you be ready for that next job opportunity! Our new Job Seekers page helps you find several resources in one spot and gain new skills for your resume quickly.

Here are some highlights, but please explore and ask questions if you would like to know more. (LinkedIn Learning)

This resource for Frisco residents is an amazing asset for your professional toolbelt. Watch videos, learn from the experts, and get a certificate of completion when you are finished. You can choose from short to long lessons (10 minutes to 3 hours or more) and from beginner to advanced level. When you are finished post a certificate right to your Certifications section on your LinkedIn profile by clicking share.

Learning Express Library

This tool is like bringing a career specialist to your house with your library card. From interest and skill matching quizzes, preparing your compelling resume, interviewing with confidence, to specialized resources for veterans, this is a must explore resource! There are even video explorations for career fields. This level of preparation helps you confidently take your career forward.

Texas Labor Market

This takes you to the Texas Workforce Commission site with resources for Texans. You will find paid internships, courses like the Job Hunter’s Guide, and even a living expense calculator.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This database shows the projected outlook for a career field in the next 10 years, the current median pay, and careers that are similar.

You will also find links to jobs in the area or across the country at, find links to navigate filing for unemployment benefits and more!