LEGO My Puzzle!

By FPL_Suzanne

Okay, it’s getting to the end of January and the warmer weather is still a ways away, so family fun may still need to be indoors. That being the case, and you’re running out of ideas of what to do or what games to play together, these two upcoming “holidays” may give you some suggestions. They are National LEGO Day on Saturday, January 28 and National Puzzle Day on Sunday, January 29.

If you have random LEGO pieces around the house, click on these links for things you can build together:

LEGO Building Ideas for Kids, opens a new window

20 Simple Projects for Beginning LEGO Builders, opens a new window

Need a break from building? Here is a list of LEGO eBooks you can read with and to each other:

Family Friendly LEGO eBooks, opens a new window

If you’re not a fan of LEGOs or if you need something different to play with, puzzles, whether they’re of the jigsaw, crossword, or word search kind, are a great way to exercise your brain or have some quiet time alone or together.  Weather still not cooperating? Take out the puzzles you have around the house or do some online. The links below will take you to children-centered puzzles and games:

Safe Kid Games, opens a new window

Room Recess: Jigsaw Puzzles, opens a new window

Finally, if you want to get some reading time into this play time, here are some “puzzling” eBooks you can read as a family:

Puzzling Kid Friendly eBooks, opens a new window