Let’s Get Cooking!

By FPL_Staff

There’s this one thing your kids are going to have to do every single day of their lives: EAT! There’s no getting out of it. At least three times a day for the rest of their lives they’re going to have to find, make, and eat food. Developing skills and appreciation for cooking and nutrition at an early age can help them become self-sufficient, confident, and healthy adults, so get cooking!

As you cook, try to include your child in your pre, cooking, and clean-up. Younger kids can wash fruit and veggies, cut soft ingredients (there are safety cutters available for them), and mix and assemble things. Older kids can stir food in a hot pan, measure ingredients, and use kitchen tools such as graters, whisks, and blenders. Let them try new things and make suggestions! Children of all ages can help you plan your family’s weekly meals and help you clean the kitchen.

Before they get started, always go over basic kitchen safety protocol. Here is a good resource to help you: Teach Kids Food and Kitchen Safety, opens a new window.

Following are some basic recipes that you can help your child make to build confidence in the kitchen.

Toddler–Pre-K age:

Elementary age:

Books to inspire your little one to try their hand in the kitchen:

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