Loretta Llama’s Top 5 Things To Do at Home

By FPL_Lauren

Loretta has missed seeing your faces every week, but she has tried to keep busy by doing some of her favorite things. She asked me to share some of them with you! Here are 5 things that Loretta has been doing since she’s been stuck at home. 

1. National Geographic Kids 

Did you know llamas natural habitat is in Peru? Loretta would love to share all her favorite information about Peru with you! She thinks NatGeo Kids is a great place to start! 

2. Machu Pichu Virtual Tour 

Loretta has really missed her home in Peru. That is why she’s been taking virtual tours of the country. One of Loretta’s favorite places to visit is Machu Pichu. You can check out the Incan Citadel with Google Arts & Culture.  ¡Qué bonita! 

3. Farm Live Stream 

Loretta has lots of friends that she enjoys spending time with, but she hasn’t been able to see them in a while. So she’s started watching all her farm friends through the Explore Farm Life live streams on YouTube. 

4. Miss Humblebee’s 

Loretta loves letters. She also loves learning! She’s been learning a lot through all the different lessons with Miss Humblebee. She can’t wait for the Letters and Numbers books to be available! 

5. Llama Llama Activites 

Loretta loves the Llama Llama books by Anne Dewdney and has been practicing her coloring and writing skills with these fun Llama Llama coloring pages and activity sheets. 

Llama Llama Activity Sheets

Llama Llama Clean Up Activity Sheets