Meet Our Flash Fiction 2021 Contest Winners!

By FPL_Amy

The Library’s annual Flash Fiction Writing Contest challenges local writers to send in original work of fiction that is 500 words or less. The challenge of telling a cohesive and engaging story in 500 words or less is no easy feat and this year’s winners delivered! Please join me in a congratulating this year’s winning authors: Linda Baten Johnson for Disposable Woman, Christian Lofton for That Summer, and Elizabeth Lyvers for Familiar Hands.

Listen to their stories below and checkout the eBook online, opens a new window to read this year’s and previous year’s winning stories.

A most satisfying ending, Linda Baten Johnson’s Disposable Woman captivates readers from the first.

You’re sure to tear up with Christian Lofton’s rendition of That Summer, an idyllic summer cut short by tragic loss.

Another tearjerker, Elizabeth Lyver’s Familiar Hands is based on true events and will have you reaching out to hug your loved ones close.