New Fur Baby Have You Chasing Your Tail? Get Help Here!

By FPL_Cassie

Whether you just adopted a rescue animal or a brand new puppy or kitten, there are some things that every new pet owner should know:

  1. Potty training a puppy? Take Fido outside every hour and make sure to treat him if he goes! Also, try hanging a bell on the back door for your pup to jingle when he has to tinkle.
  2. Adding a second kitty to your family? Introducing the new kitty may be a challenge. Try putting the new kitty in a separate room for a while before they meet face to face to allow your established kitty to get use to the idea of having a new fur brother or sister. 
  3. Is your new rescue pup acting a little scared and unsure? Give them their own space, such as a crate. This gives them a safe space. They will come around eventually. Remember, if they came from a shelter, it’s likely they’ve been through a lot. Just give them a little time to decompress.
  4. Want your new puppy to love people and other animals? One word: Socialization. For puppies to learn to get along with other animals, kids and other adults, they need to be around them. Take your new fur baby to parks, dog parks, etc. to be sure they are well socialized.

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