Pets of Frisco Public Library!

By FPL_Staff

Learn about the relationships between humans and pets with these books from the Library:

The Animals Among Us

Faithfully Yours

Mutual Rescue

The following animal friends are the companions of some of our wonderful staff at Frisco Public Library!

Bella loves having her belly rubbed. Favorite toys: Catnip stuffed carrots.
Luna craves attention and food but is scared of the noise of her food being poured out!
As soon as there is a box in the house, Buffy jumps right in.
Ezra, obsessed with water, puts his paw in his water bowl every time it’s refilled.
Honey, at 60 pounds, tries to fit, unsuccessfully, on the windowsill to see outside.

Theo doesn't like to stay in his playpen for a long time, so he moves around the house with it.
This is a Toyger. These are domestic cats that are bred to look like tigers. A member of our team would like to get this pet one day soon!  Photo credit: Helmi Flick, Animal Photography

Navigator is a friendly horse who loves being around people. He is a mix of two different horse breeds — Shire and Thoroughbred — and he enjoys watermelon as a special treat.
Thomas is a very social turtle who loves attention. If he sees a person from across the room, he will come to the top of his aquarium and splash to say hello!
Margot (tortie) and Pi (white). You can often find them zooming through the living room or watching hummingbirds outside of the window. They are also very smart and can do a few simple tricks — for a treat of course!
This is Janeway in her Halloween costume from last year. She was Smaug and her owner was Bilbo Baggins. Janeway loves blueberries.
Kiwi loves paw-punching sessions and staring out any window.

Gideon loves puppuccinos and hugs!
Sofi is 9 years old, hates walks, and loves treats. She's always on the hunt for geckos!
Percy's favorite things are to play dead and eat houseplants.
Oliver loves sunbeams, belly rubs, and his sofa scratcher.