Quiz: Black History Firsts

By FPL_LaurenH

How well do you know Black History firsts? Test your knowledge with this quiz. 

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Who was the first Black woman to headline Coachella?*
Who was the first Black Supreme Court Justice?*
Condoleezza Rice was the first Black woman to hold which of the following positions?*
Gen. Lloyd Austin is the first Black Defense Secretary. What year was he appointed?*
Ella Fitzgerald was the first Black woman to win which award?*
In 1640, Anthony and Mary Johnson became the first Black:*
Who was the first Black person to become a licensed pilot?*
Madam C.J. Walker is credited with being the first what?*
In 2018, Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper to win a Pulitzer. Which album received the award?*
How old was Tiger Woods when he became the youngest man and the first Black man to win the U.S. Masters?*
Who is the youngest poet laureate to speak at a U.S. presidential inauguration?*
In 1901, who became the first Black man to be invited to the White House by a president?
James Hemings became the first American to...*
Who were the first Black artists to paint a presidential portrait?*
New Kid by Jerry Craft, became the first graphic novel to win which award?*
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Want to learn more? Check out this book list, opens a new window for more on the people listed about, as well as our friends at Frisco ISD have created this Elementary Choice Board, opens a new window and Secondary Choice Board, opens a new window to help Celebrate Black History Month.