QUIZ: Halloween Movie Trivia

By FPL_RyanC

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1. Which film does the doll Annabelle make her debut?*
2. Who plays Pennywise in the 2017’s It?*
3. Passengers must survive what kind of outbreak in Train to Busan?*
4. In M3gan, what is M3gan?*
5. Which movie does the phrase “Do you like scary movies?” come from?*
6. How many times can someone say “Candyman” to summon him?*
7. What is Gale Weathers career in the Scream franchise?*
8. Which scary movie was shot completely with a handheld camera?*
9. What holiday does the movie Krampus take place during?*
10. Ethan Hawke has starred in all these movies except…?*
11. What is the last name of the sisters in Hocus Pocus?*
12. Who directed A Nightmare Before Christmas?*
13. Who is not a member of the Addams Family?*
14. How do you call Beetlejuice?*
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