Daily Diversions: Trivia Edition


Are you a fan of Wordle? Do you wish there were other games like it that you could play daily? Well, now you can! Whether you want to challenge your geography, movie, or video game knowledge there’s a game for you.

Test your knowledge, challenge your friends, and learn something new every day!


Find four groups of words that each have something in common with the fun game Connections, opens a new window.


With Globle, opens a new window, there is a new mystery country every day. Your goal is to guess which country it is using the fewest number of guesses.

Movie to Movie

If you love movies, you'll love Movie to Movie, opens a new window. Find the shortest path between two movies by connecting them via actors and actresses who appeared together and repeating the process on their own filmography.


With Gamedle, opens a new window, every day a new videogame cover is presented to guess in the fewest attempts you can!


Guess the right year and location of a historical photo with TimeGuessr, opens a new window.