Ready, Set, Play!

By FPL_Suzanne

Instead of going to work every day, our little ones go to play. Play is their work. It’s the best way for them to learn how to move their bodies, use their words to communicate with others, and problem solve. Here are some ways you and your little one can “work” together from home:

  • Building with blocks can be fun, even for our babies. Soft blocks are gentler on baby’s fingers when trying to hold them in their hands. Construct a tower together while helping baby stack the blocks on top of each other. It’s demolition time, so have them knock the blocks down!
  • If your child needs to start cleaning up from play time, make it fun by turning it into sorting game. Sort toys into groups by color, shape, or type of toy (all the blocks, all the cars, etc.)
  • Dance with your child! Take dance breaks during the day to get in some exercise together or de-stress from being online. Dancing to music or without is a great way to have fun and see who has the best moves! 

  • Learning your ABCs can become a matching game. Write uppercase letters on sticky notes and have your kiddo match them to objects around your house. For older children, write lowercase letters on the sticky notes for them to match.

These play suggestions can be adapted for older children too!