Reference Corner: Improve Website Connections

By FPL_Sheri

Have you had the experience of trying to connect to a library service and you just could not get it to work? If yes, were you using a VPN, opens a new window?

VPNs are necessary when using our devices in unsecure locations, but their use can also block connection to sites that limit access based on location. VPNs often mask the IP address so that you appear to be in another location, even another country. Some of Frisco Public Library’s databases that are affected by IP address are Ancestry, Family Search, and Udemy.

You may have experienced issues using open Wi-Fi networks for the same reason.

If you are experiencing this issue, try to snooze or turn off the VPN for a few minutes and connect to the service you are trying to use. Once connected, turn on the VPN again and see if it will let you continue to use the service. Many times, after the initial connection is made, the VPN will not interfere with using the service and will protect your private information.