Reference Corner

By FPL_John

"How can I find comparisons of electric companies that show more than just rates? I want to see a comparison of the companies themselves."

Shopping for an electric provider can be a challenge. If you try to search for electric company comparisons, you will get a comparison of rates and plans. This is helpful, but it doesn’t tell you if the companies themselves are going to be pleasant to do business with. Fortunately, there are a few websites that post ratings based on customer reviews and research into the companies. I’ve listed them below so you can take a closer look before you sign up with someone.

  1. Texas Electricity Ratings, opens a new window
    This website organizes reviews in several categories: Overall Experience, Plans & Pricing, Order Experience, Customer Service, and Billing & Account Mgt. According to their website, they “aggregate data from multiple sources, including our customer reviews, kilowatt-per-hour rates, Public Utility Commission of Texas complaint statistics, JD Power & Associates ratings, company standings with the Better Business Bureau, telephone and online surveys.” They also conduct their own research on the companies.
  2. Home Energy Club, opens a new window
    This website also offers profiles and reviews of electric companies based on a variety of sources. According to their website: “Home Energy Club uses objective, independent sources for reviews, ratings and complaint statistics, including: The Public Utility Commission of Texas, The Better Business Bureau (BBB), HEC/Amazon surveys of Amazon’s customer base, Google Reviews, and Yelp Reviews.” One nice feature of their website is that they will connect you directly to 3rd party reviews that they are basing their own reviews on.
  3. Consumer Affairs: Texas Electricity Companies, opens a new window
    This website uses reviews that are posted on their own website, rather than a 3rd party site. They also offer this disclaimer: “ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency and may be compensated by companies displayed.” It’s good information, but be aware that it might not be quite as comprehensive as the others.
  4. Public Utility Commission of Texas: Customer Complaint Stats, opens a new window
    This website allows you to look directly at customer complaints that have been lodged with the PUC. Very helpful in seeing complaints that are severe enough that a person wants to make them official.