Story Time @ Home: Shapes are Everywhere!

By FPL_Kayla

Shapes are fun!  You can find them anywhere!  Shapes can be found in street signs, buildings, food, toys, even letters on the page.  Here are some fun ways you and your child can explore the shapes that are all around us!

Read – Try reading some of these shape-filled books together, opens a new window.  See if your child can point out shapes in the letters on the page.  Can they find the circle O or the triangle in a capital A?  Learning the shapes that make up letters will help with letter identification and early writing skills too!      

Sing – Here are some cute songs to help children remember how to draw their shapes!  Sing this song to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”

A circle's like a ball,
A circle's like a ball,
Round and round
It never stops.
A circle's like a ball!         

A square is like a box,
A square is like a box,
It has four sides,
They are the same.
A square is like a box!

A triangle has 3 sides,
A triangle has 3 sides,
Up the mountain,
Down and back.
A triangle has 3 sides!           

A rectangle has 4 sides,
A rectangle has 4 sides,
Two are long and
Two are short.
A rectangle has 4 sides! 

Play – Play I Spy with shapes!  What shapes can your child spot at home?  At the doctor’s office?  On a car ride?  Identifying shapes in signs, nature, and other objects helps children to identify those same shapes in letters and numbers, which is a critical skill in print awareness.

Talk – Talk with your child about the shapes they see.  What shapes are on their dinner plate?  Can they eat the round peas?  What shape is their waffle?  Ask these simple questions and wait for a response. This is a great opportunity to use shape vocabulary words like round, pointy, or sides.

Write – Looking for some great printables to practice shapes concepts?  Try Miss Humblebee’s Academy, opens a new window. All you need is a Frisco Library card!  After you sign up for an account (which is free!) use the upper right menu button to Exit the Classroom.  Here in the Dashboard you can connect with all sorts of great items under Resources, including the Printable Practice Worksheets.  Check it out!

Want to have even more fun with shapes? Watch some of our shape-themed story times on YouTube! You can explore shapes at Frisco Square with Miss Julie, opens a new window, at the Texas Sculpture Garden with Miss Lauren and Loretta, opens a new window, you can even learn about shapes in Hindi with Miss Sunita, opens a new window!