Take an Art Walk with the Kids

By FPL_EricaA

Here are some more early literacy practices to share with your children as you safely wander around the open spaces. As you go pick up some leaves, flowers, nuts, and sticks. Take them home to make art for STEAM and for fine motor building activities.


On a piece of heavy paper draw or have your child draw a picture of their face. Use tape or glue to attach your findings to the paper. What leaf would most look like hair? What would make a good nose? This will build fine motor skills.


To build vocabulary and strengthen observational skills, sort your findings by shape, color, or type. Ask your child to observe the differences. “Are these leaves green or brown?” “Are these items round or flat?”

Now, using safety scissors, carefully cut open some of the items with your child. Observe again. “Is the inside of this leaf a different color than the outside?” “What happens when we cut the green leaves? What about the brown?”


Get some tape, duct tape works best. Wrap it upside down around your child’s wrist. As you walk, your child can pick up items and stick them to their bracelet. Start a pattern on the bracelet and ask your child to guess what comes next. Exploring patterns is an early STEM task.

When you are finished, display your child’s art! This shows the work they put into their learning experiences is important and valued.

Before we finish, take a look at this picture. Can you see the baby copperhead? I didn’t until after I pulled up the plant under which he was resting! As the weather warms up, please remember the snakes are not under quarantine. When walking, stick to the paved paths and stay six feet from both the slithering and walking companions.