Talking is Teaching

By FPL_Suzanne

Who would have thought that talking to our little ones would turn into teachable moments so soon?  It can. You are your child’s first and best teacher, so here’s how you can make the most of your time together while getting them started on the road to reading:

  • Tickling baby’s toes is such a great way to show our babies attention and love. Make that time a “math” moment by counting baby’s fingers and toes out loud. Count backwards too!

One Naked Baby 

  • Have fun with your baby’s coos and babbles. Join in their “conversation.”  Let them hear words big and small!

  • If you speak Spanish, Hindi, or Chinese as your first language, share that language with your little one. What a beautiful way for kiddos to hear what your voice sounds like along with hearing smaller sounds in words.
  • Staying at home these days is a must, however, use it as an excuse to cuddle up and read together as often as you like. Make the most out of animal sounds and funny words that are in a story while you read.  (I’m thinking Dr. Seuss! ?) 
  • Need a new game to play at home or while you’re on a walk with the kids? Play I Spy!  Pick a color or letter of the day and look for things around the house or on your stroll that are green or begin with the letter T.  Make it a game with your older kiddos to see how fast they can find something!

For more “Talk” activities, check out the Talk With Me Badge in our Mayor’s Summer Reading Challenge program and have fun together!