The Book Was Better. Don’t @ Me.

By FPL_Staff

As a librarian, I am not allowed to have any other opinion. The book is always better than the movie and the movie will inevitably be shorter, shallower and have ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT ideas about your favorite characters. I’m looking at you, Peter Jackson.

Luckily, Frisco Public Library has the goods. Here are a few books about to be movies. Get to them before Hollywood does.

The One and Only Ivan

The prolific K.A. Applegate won a John Newbery Medal for The One and Only Ivan. Check out a couple of her other critically acclaimed books, Crenshaw and Wishtree.

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle 

To be perfectly honest, I have never read this book. Maybe the movie WILL be better. But you still have to read the book to find out.

The Call of the Wild

The book that spawned a thousand movies. Since Jack London published Call of the Wild in 1903 it has been a movie in 1923 (silent), 1935 (Clark Gable), 1972 (Charlton Heston), 1978 (Snoopy), 1981 (anime film with Bryan Cranston), and 1997 (Rutger Hauer and narrated by Richard Dreyfuss). Why do they have to keep making new versions of the movie? THE BOOK WAS BETTER. Harrison Ford is taking a crack at it in 2020. May the Force be with him and also with you. Happy reading (and watching).