They’re a 10, but…

By FPL_LaurenH

He’s a 10 but he's always late because he's lost on the path of life.

She’s a 10 but if she touches you, you literally die.
Shatter Me

He’s a 10 but he hunts witches… and you’re a witch.
Serpent & Dove

She’s a 10 but she’s obsessed with a decades old murder and people around her keep dying.
Truly Devious

She's a 10 but she is going to inherit your billionaire grandfather's estate...unless someone stops her.
The Inheritance Games

She's a 10 but she has no money, no prospects, and is already a burden to her parents.
Pride & Prejudice

He’s a 10 but if you hug him, he turns into a cat.
Fruits Basket Collector's Edition

He’s a 10 but he throws burnt bread at you.
The Hunger Games

He’s a 10 but is obsessed with volleyball.

She’s a 10 but she hears voices.

He’s a 10, but he keeps his mentally unstable wife locked in the attic.
Jane Eyre