Wedding Emergency Kits: What You Need to Know

By FPL_Staff

Something’s going to go wrong at your wedding; I hate to break it to ya, but it’s true. It may be minor, it may be major, but something will go wrong.

Thankfully, with a handy-dandy Wedding Emergency Kit, you can be prepared for the most common wedding speed bumps. Put together a kit for each side of the wedding party and put the most responsible member of each in charge of it.

Bridesmaids Groomsmen
Antacid Antacid
Aspirin Aspirin
Band-Aids and Antibiotic ointment Band-Aids and Antibiotic ointment
Batteries Batteries
Bobby Pins Belt
Brush and Comb Black Socks
Chapstick Brush and Comb
Cotton Buttons
Deodorant Chapstick
Dry Shampoo Cologne (Travel Size)
Emergency Contacts Corsage Pins
Eye Drops Cufflinks
Fake Wedding Ring Deodorant
Fashion Scissors Duct Tape (black, in case someone’s pants rip)
Fashion Tape Emergency Contacts
Floss Eye Drops
Granola Bars and other snacks Floss
Buttons Granola Bars and other snacks
Hair Gel Hair Gel
Hair Ties Handkerchiefs
Handkerchiefs Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Itinerary
Hose Kleenex
Itinerary Lint Roller
Kleenex Lotion
Lighter Mouthwash
Lint Roller Nail Clippers
Lotion Nail File
Makeup Paper Clip
Makeup Remover Pen and Paper
Mirror Playing Cards
Mouthwash Q-Tips
Nail File Razor
Napkins or towels Safety Pins
Paper Clips Scissors
Pen and Paper Sewing Kit/ Needle and Thread
Perfume Shoe Polish
Phone Charger Spot Remover
Q-Tips Sunscreen
Razor Tape
Ribbon Tweezers
Safety Pins Umbrella
Scissors Water
Sewing Kit / Needle and Thread Watch
Something Blue  
Spot Remover  
Tape Measure  
White Buttons  

I recommend printing out a list of everything you include in each kit so you have an inventory. Oh, and just so you know, in my experience, the two most-used items in the Groomsmen Kit are the playing cards and the food!

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